Tahuya River Preserve

Walking through Tahuya River Preserve in eastern Mason County, bear tracks and salmon carcasses line the riverbanks. This area...
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Grovers Creek Preserve Expansion Project

Towered by hemlock, alder, spruce, and cedar, a peaceful mossy oasis lies at the heart of nearly 40 acres...
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Newberry Woods Community Forest

Kitsap County
With stunning views of Hood Canal, the Newberry Woods Community Forest contains 1.5 miles of the salmon-bearing Little Anderson...
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Hansville Greenway: Connecting Hawk’s Ponds

Kitsap County
Property Description: Starting in late 2022, Great Peninsula Conservancy and the Hansville Greenway Association initiated a community campaign to...
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Kaukiki Farm

Key Peninsula
Warwick and Janice Bryant bought the land for their sons’ sake. They wanted the boys to grow up on a farm,...
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Hansville Greenway Highlands

The Hansville Greenway in North Kitsap is a corridor of over 250 acres of county-owned natural areas, trail easements,...
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Misery Point Preserve

Kitsap County
Featured photo: Aerial of Misery Point by Anthony Gibbons. The Twana name of this point from the Skokomish Tribe is...
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Rocky Creek Preserve

Pierce County
In 2019 Great Peninsula Conservancy acquired 34 acres on East Fork Rocky Creek and in 2020 acquired an additional...
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Burke Bay Preserve

Kitsap County
A group of Brownsville residents have been keeping tabs on the vacant properties surrounding the Burke Bay estuary for...
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