Protecting our lands and waters
for generations to come.

Great Peninsula Conservancy is a nonprofit land trust dedicated to protecting the natural habitats, rural landscapes, and open spaces of the Great Peninsula region of West Puget Sound, Washington. View our Map to see where we work.

Our Story

Photo by Don Paulson

In the 1980s, as the population on the peninsula began to grow, visionary local leaders took action to preserve the natural beauty of this region and protect local lands and waters. For their protection efforts to be successful, they realized a strong organization was needed to take on regional challenges and to shoulder stewardship responsibilities far into the future. Great Peninsula Conservancy was formed in 2000 to take on those responsibilities.

Our mission is to conserve vibrant forests, streams, shorelines and community greenspaces to help wildlife and people thrive. We commit to caring for the lands we protect to ensure wildlife and people enjoy the many benefits of nature well into the future. And we enrich lives by offering opportunities for people to experience nature close up.

To date we have preserved over 10,000 acres of evergreen forests, salmon streams, marine shorelines and community parks.

What We Do

Photo by Don Willott

With almost four decades of conservation accomplishments in the region, Great Peninsula Conservancy is a trusted conservation leader. We work in collaboration with community groups, local governments, tribes, and landowners, providing the tools and expertise to preserve forever the special landscapes of the Great Peninsula region.

Great Peninsula Conservancy protects land by creating nature preserves that we own, partnering with public agencies to create local parks, and by placing permanent restrictions on private land that help sustain family farms and forests through generations. Conserved lands are either purchased at fair market value or received through donation. Our work is made possible by generous contributions from individuals, foundations, and public agencies, and by the willingness (and often passion) of landowners to conserve their land.

View our Featured Projects to read stories of how communities have joined together to save a forest or stream near you!


The accreditation seal is awarded to land trusts meeting the highest national standards for excellence and conservation permanence.






Learn More

Great Peninsula Conservancy celebrated 20 years of conservation on May 12, 2020. Watch the video led by Executive Director Nathan Daniel to learn more about about GPC’s notable projects over the last two decades and the organization’s plans for the future of conservation on the Great Peninsula.