In November 2023, Stillwaters Environmental Center became a part of GPC’s Land Labs Program.

Read GPC Executive Director Nate Daniel’s November 2023 letter to Stillwaters supporters, here.

In 2022 the Stillwaters board of directors approached Great Peninsula Conservancy with a proposal to integrate Stillwaters as a GPC program. GPC and Stillwaters saw this as a mutually beneficial arrangement that would help GPC grow their programming and allow Stillwaters founders and directors to move into retirement.

As a program at GPC, Stillwaters will continue connecting community members – and youth specifically – with the wonders of the Carpenter Creek estuary through research, restoration, education, and volunteer opportunities. This legacy will be preserved, while providing a launch pad for future endeavors in education and community science. Both Stillwaters and GPC couldn’t be more excited about this continuation and collaboration!

GPC is uniquely situated to take on Stillwaters as a program as we expand our community engagement work in North Kitsap. As Stillwaters sunsets as a separate organization, GPC will honor and leverage their history and experience in community-building and environmental education in the Carpenter Creek estuary and North Kitsap.

A Smooth Transition

The enfolding of Stillwaters’ activities into GPC will not diminish the importance of the work of Stillwaters in this community; much of the same programming will be happening here but will be re-invigorated with new resources and ideas!

  • The Stillwaters Tree House will continue to be a base for monitoring and science work. GPC plans to expand our education and outreach efforts close to the estuary.
  • GPC is eager to continue to engage volunteers new and old in the community science and environmental education work Stillwaters has been conducting since 1999.
  • Stay tuned for more information in 2024 and look for future events to help monitor the estuary, learn more about both Stillwaters and GPC, and appreciate this exciting new collaboration. In the meantime, the Stillwaters Environmental Center website will remain available as an archive of their wonderful work – take a peek if you are new to Stillwaters!


Contact: info@greatpeninsula.org or call the GPC office (360) 373-3500