Newberry Woods Community Forest

Newberry Woods Community Forest helps connect protected lands from Hood Canal to Green Mountain State Forest.

With stunning views of Hood Canal, the Newberry Woods Community Forest protects 1.5 miles of the salmon-bearing Little Anderson Creek, and is home to trees that are over 100 years old. Just north of the Newberry Hill Heritage Park, this 200-acre preserve will protect the vital wildlife corridor to Hood Canal and provide habitat for a multitude of birds and other native wildlife. Great Peninsula Conservancy acquired the preserve in October 2022 with funding from the USDA’s Community Forest Program, Kitsap County Conservation Futures, and the U.S. Navy’s Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration program. Thanks to a generous donation by the landowners, a section of the forest will be named the Lindstrom Family Preserve.

Community Forests

Community forests have many definitions, but broadly speaking, they are managed to provide a community benefit. As such, Newberry Woods Community Forest will prioritize guidance by the community to help inform its purpose and management. The exact definition will be up to the community.

Great Peninsula Conservancy will be holding forest tours and community meetings in January and February of 2023 to help define the long-term vision of the Newberry Woods Community Forest. We will explore the relationship of the community to this forest and uncover the forest’s values for both people and wildlife. Together, we will work to identify dynamic management goals for the forest that will support the needs of the community, including recreation and trail use, habitat restoration, education, and climate resilience.

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Project Partners

USDA’s Community Forest Program
Kitsap County Conservation Futures
U.S. Navy REPI Program