East Rocky Creek Preserve

Roy Lampson, who grew up in Tacoma and had never observed salmon in the wild, purchased a 5-acre parcel of forestland with a salmon stream on Key Peninsula in the 80s. Over time he expanded it to encompass a 34-acre stretch and worked with Pierce Conservation District (PCD) to replace an undersized culvert. The project increased salmon activity in the stream so much that when the fish returned, they were “wall to wall.” Over the last few years, Roy thought carefully about the future of his property and again reached out to PCD for advice on protecting it. They connected Roy to Great Peninsula Conservancy. GPC is excited to announce this new nature preserve: a place to observe salmon in the wild for years to come.

Project Details

Great Peninsula Conservancy began work on the East Rocky Creek Preserve in 2016 and completed the project in December 2019 thanks to the willing landowners and funding provided by Pierce County Conservation Futures and the Salmon Recovery Funding Board. The preserve will protect 34-forested acres that provide habitat for salmon on East Fork Rocky Creek and Winter Creek. Wildlife, including several black bears, call the area home.

Project Partners

Pierce County Conservation Futures
Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office, Salmon Recovery Funding Board