Land Labs explores Curley Creek

Curley Creek holds endless natural wonders for students to explore.

This May, GPC’s Land Labs team led four field trips for 110 local middle schoolers. Students learned about the importance of stewardship through monitoring Curley Creek by studying biological indicators.

Students learn and discuss how to identify different types of macroinvertebrates.

Students calculated a Pollution Tolerance Index which specifies overall water quality for bodies of water. This data is collected and kept by GPC to use to monitor the water quality of Curley Creek.

Students from South Colby Elementary use nets to take samples of macroinvertebrates from the pond at Curley Creek Tyner Preserve.

The students enjoyed getting a closer look at macroinvertebrates, an important food source for salmon.

A Catalyst student takes a closer look at a macroinvertebrate under a magnifying glass.
One group of students observes their samples from Curley Creek.
Two students carefully observe their bioindicator species sample.

A round of the “Salmon Game”, which mimicked the life cycle of salmon and the obstacles they face on their journey, got the students moving.

The students embodied salmon traveling to the ocean and back, as well as the obstacles like fishing nets and predators.

Land Labs runs community science projects like this to connect students to nature and introduce them to STEM career fields!

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