Sehmel Homestead Park

Great Peninsula Conservancy holds a conservation easement on 75 acres of the 98-acre park, which protects the pond, wetlands, meadow, and forests. These areas are reserved for hiking and other passive recreation, and contain over four miles of beautiful well-maintained trails. Areas of Sehmel Homestead Park outside the easement also contain an indoor pavilion, sports fields, tennis courts, playground, and many other amenities.

Project History

Sehmel Homestead Park was originally a homestead dating back to 1885, and is located northwest of Gig Harbor near the community of Rosedale. The Sehmel family lived here for four generations before finally deciding to sell the land in 2002. The Sehmel property contained beautiful forests, wetlands, and rolling meadows, and many community members wanted to see it protected as a public park.

The campaign to turn the pioneer homestead into a park brought together sports advocates, nature enthusiasts, and government agencies with a vision of creating a place where young and old could recreate and enjoy nature. Great Peninsula Conservancy led a successful fundraising campaign that mobilized community members to raise support for the project through door-to-door canvassing, plant and garage sales, and charitable concerts. Individuals and families picked grapes from the Sehmel vineyards to produce a Rosedale Red––a table wine given to all donors making a significant pledge. These efforts raised more than $400,000 in private funds to match grant funds from Pierce County Conservation Futures and Washington State Recreation and Conservation office. Great Peninsula Conservancy thanks the hundreds of residents whose volunteer efforts and generous donations helped make Sehmel Homestead Park possible.

Today PenMet Parks manages a thriving park, where kids and adults can go to play sports, watch birds, take a walk in the woods, or enjoy a seasonal festival. Thanks to a multitude of community organizations, including Great Peninsula Conservancy, the park offers a variety of opportunities for community members to stay healthy, meet their neighbors, and connect with nature.

Visit the PenMet Parks website to find out what else Sehmel Homestead Park has to offer.


Trail Map: https://penmetparks.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/SHP-Trails-Map-2.pdf.

Bathroom: Yes.

Project Partners

PenMet Parks
Pierce County Conservation Futures
Pierce County Parks Department
Sehmel Homestead Park Campaign Donors
Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office