GPC Legacy Member Highlight: Marion Schoenbackler in memory of Janine Dolezel

Janine Dolezel (center) attending the Conservation Celebration in 2019.

Marion Schoenbackler (pictured left) joined GPC’s Legacy Society at the end of 2023 by including GPC as a beneficiary of her estate. Her membership is in honor and memory of her friend of 73 years, Janine Dolezel, who passed away at the end of 2021. 

Marion first learned about composting when she was eight years old from her best friend Janine, who was five. It was 1952. Janine had learned about composting from her father, who worked in land management for the state of California and had a forestry degree. Janine’s interest in environmental issues continued at Standford Law, where she was a charter member of the Environmental Law Society. She dedicated many years to volunteering, including leading children’s exploration walks at Descanso Gardens in Pasadena.

Janine left California and settled in Poulsbo, where she again became active in her community and connected with Great Peninsula Conservancy. Janine was a founding contributor to GPC’s youth education program, which started in 2018 with a summer camp for 20 students and morphed into Land Labs, which now serves hundreds of students a year.

Marion is dedicating her planned legacy gift to Great Peninsula Conservancy to Janine and the lasting impact she made on conservation and environmental education here on the peninsula.

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