Help us care for protected land.

GPC relies on volunteers to help steward its many conservation easements and preserves. As opposed to one-time work-party events, our volunteer land stewards (VoLS) “adopt” a property and help care for it over a period of years.

Volunteer Land Stewards commit to:
  • Attend a land stewardship training.
  • Visit their newly adopted property with a GPC staff member to get acquainted with it.
  • Monitor their adopted property one or more times per year going forward.
  • Complete an annual property monitor report using our monitoring software.

VoLS document any changes they might observe on the property, help us learn about it over time, and alert GPC staff to any problems that might arise.

Over time, VoLS get to know and love the properties they help care for. Managing thousands of acres of preserved land is no easy task, so GPC’s volunteer land stewards serve a vital role!

We have reworked our VoLS program to reflect our updated policies & procedures and VoLS handbook, and our new monitoring software. In Spring 2023, GPC staff will be hosting our first VoLS training in 3 years!

We have reached capacity, and are currently not accepting new VoLS to attend our Spring training. However, we anticipate that after this first year we will have the ability to bring on more VoLS. If you’re interested in “adopting” a property in your area, please contact Adrian Wolf (Stewardship Manager), and we’ll get you added to our contact list.

Thank you for supporting land conservation in your community!