Leave a legacy that speaks to your love of nature. Your legacy gift in any amount allows Great Peninsula Conservancy to protect more forests, salmon streams, shorelines, and open space, forever.

Legacy Challenge

Fueled by a $20,000 match, Great Peninsula Conservancy is launching a Legacy Challenge to double the impact of your legacy pledge. Thanks to GPC member, Margaret “Kit” Ellis, each new legacy pledge submitted will activate a $1,000 donation to support GPC’s upcoming conservation projects.

If you have not yet made a legacy gift to Great Peninsula Conservancy but would like more information, we would be glad to assist you.

Kit Ellis greets Sandra Staples-Bortner at the Legacy Society reception in Port Gamble in June 2022.

Legacy Gift Options

Legacy gifts can take several forms. You can leave a gift in your will, name Great Peninsula Conservancy as a beneficiary of your retirement plan or life insurance policy, or fund a charitable remainder trust that will let you enjoy income and tax benefits now while leaving a legacy to support GPC in the future.

Bequest / Will 

In your will, designate Great Peninsula Conservancy (EIN 91-1110978) as beneficiary of a portion or all of your estate. A gift made in this manner goes through probate.

Sample designation sentence: “I give to Great Peninsula Conservancy, a nonprofit corporation currently located at 6536 Kitsap Way, Bremerton, WA 98312, or its successor thereto, _________ [written amount or percentage of the estate or description of property] for its unrestricted charitable use and purpose.”

Bequest of Land

GPC accepts land for resale, with the proceeds benefiting GPC’s conservation mission, and land with exceptional ecological features for permanent conservation. Before leaving land to Great Peninsula Conservancy, please speak with GPC staff to ensure we are able to accommodate your intentions for the land.

Retirement Plan

Name Great Peninsula Conservancy as beneficiary of some or all of your IRA, 401(k), or other retirement plan. A gift made in this manner avoids probate. When dividing assets among heirs and charities, financial advisors often recommend you give your appreciated stock and real estate to heirs and make charities beneficiaries of all or a portion of your (non-Roth IRA) retirement funds.

Life Insurance

Designate Great Peninsula Conservancy as beneficiary of your life insurance policy. A gift made in this manner avoids probate.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Place cash or other assets in a trust that pays annual income to you or a loved one for life. You receive income tax benefits the year you establish the trust. After your death, Great Peninsula Conservancy receives the remainder of the trust.

GPC cannot give financial or legal advice. Please consult your financial and legal advisors for advice on which option is best for you.

GPC Legacy Society

Members of GPC’s Conservancy Circle (donors who make gifts of $1,000+ annually) and Legacy Society attended the annual luncheon overlooking Port Gamble.

Great Peninsula Conservancy’s Legacy Society recognizes those who make legacy gifts to Great Peninsula Conservancy. Donors are recognized during their lifetime, when their legacy gift commitment is made known to the Conservancy, and in subsequent years. Legacy donors continue to be recognized after their death. Legacy donors are asked to complete a Legacy Pledge by clicking the button below, or by printing and mailing a copy of the pdf here.

Benefits of Legacy Society Membership

  • The knowledge that you are supporting the future of conservation on the peninsula.
  • Activating a $1,000 donation to GPC from the Legacy Challenge match.
  • Annual recognition in the Annual Report as a Legacy Society donor.
  • Invitation to an annual Legacy Society event.
  • Legacy engraving made by Nate from fallen trees on GPC preserves.

Max & Janet Laudeman receive their engraving at the 2023 reception in Gig Harbor.

Legacy Society Members

  • Anonymous (4)
  • Randall & Lindsey Babich
  • Linda Benedict
  • Elisabeth Bondy
  • Mary Ann & Wayne Booth, Jr.
  • Barbara Gray Boyd
  • Pam Boyles & Roger Johnson
  • Gail Bronson
  • Charles Burrow & Linda Cazin
    Betsy & Ken Cooper
  • Virginia Cowling
  • Gary & Marilyn Cunningham
  • Nathan & Kim Daniel
  • David & Katherine De Bruyn
  • John & Sarah Dickson
  • Janine Dolezel
  • Margaret “Kit” Ellis
  • Margie Esola
  • Stephen Harris & Susanne Waits-Harris
  • Debra & Chuck Holland
  • Byron & Sara Kane
  • Hitoshi & Alice Kawahara
  • Jim & Mary Kenney
  • Kate Kuhlman & Jim Halstead
  • Elizabeth Lathrop
  • Max & Janet Laudeman
  • Bill & Bee Mahan
  • Steve & Patti Marek
  • Joan Martin
  • Charles & Carol Michel
  • Jake & Betsy Miller
  • Verna Miller
  • Dave & Merrillyn Morris
  • Nancy Nelson
  • John L. Nichols
  • Ron & Bernadette Olson
  • Gayle Peach
  • Donna Cooper Pepos
  • Gerald E Petersen
  • Stephen & Kathleen Reed
  • Liami Rollins
  • Joyce Russell
  • Marion Schoenbackler (in memory of Janine Dolezel)
  • Antonia Seales
  • Ron & Nancy Sefton
  • Grace Seman
  • Sallie Shawl
  • Sandra Staples-Bortner & Brad Bortner
  • Frank Stutesman
  • Gordon Walgren
  • Betty Willcomb
  • Karen Wylde

Legacy Member Highlights