Ueland Tree Farm

The Ueland Tree Farm is a family-owned working forest that is open to the public for hiking, mountain biking, and a host of other non-motorized recreational activities. Check out the Ueland Tree Farm website for more information on public access and a trail map.

In 2010, Great Peninsula Conservancy encouraged Ueland Tree Farm to seek Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification of their tree farm. This provided an opportunity for them to be recognized as meeting the highest standards for ecologically sustainable forestry. Ueland Tree Farm then worked with local FSC-certifer, Northwest Natural Resource Group, to obtain FSC certification for 1,368 acres of their forestland. FSC certification ensures the land, which is a critical component of the Chico Creek Watershed, is managed to enhance habitat values, forest diversity, and community sustainability. Next time you purchase wood or paper products, look for the FSC logo to voice your support for forest landowners like Ueland Tree Farm who have taken extra steps to protect the environment.


Trail features: Natural surface trails and gravel roads.

Parking: Gravel parking lot.

Bathrooms: No bathrooms.

Trail map: http://www.uelandtreefarm.com/assets/utf-map.pdf.

Project Partners

Northwest Natural Resource Group
Ueland Tree Farm