Kingston Trails – PUD 1

Kingston Trails PUD 1 are a beautiful 21-acre oasis of nature just north of downtown Kingston, and are located just across the street from Kitsap County’s Quiet Place Park. Here you will find majestic red cedar trees towering overhead, and hear the calls of pileated woodpeckers and owls.

This land is not a park or preserve, but is publicly accessible green space owned by the Public Utility District (PUD) #1 of Kitsap County. In 1991 local community members on the Kingston Trails Committee (now the Kingston Parks, Trails, and Open Space Committee) requested that the PUD open these lands for public walking trails. Great Peninsula Conservancy agreed to sponsor this project, and entered into an agreement with the PUD to allow pedestrian use of the property.

Kingston Trails PUD 1 includes a beautiful network of trails that meander through forest, wetlands, and streams, and are developed and maintained by the Kingston Parks, Trails and Open Space Committee. There are multiple entry points to the trails, which are all marked with the Great Peninsula Conservancy’s green and white signs. The primary entry points are at the end of 272 Ave off of Lindvog Road, or across Ohio Drive from Quiet Place Park down a steep flight of stairs.

Project Partners

Kingston Parks, Trails and Open Space Committee
Kitsap Public Utility District