Indianola Waterfront & Woodland Preserve

The community of Indianola took advantage of trails and beach access through the undeveloped Prentiss Bloedel properties for years. When Mr. Bloedel died and the community learned that the family was selling his prime real estate, they realized that something had to be done to preserve this land that contributed so significantly to the character of Indianola.

In 1997, after much lobbying from the community, the two Bloedel properties were purchased by Kitsap County from the Bloedel Family Trust with the understanding that Indianola Land Trust, now Great Peninsula Conservancy, would raise half of the $1.2 million purchase price. Through a diverse mix of fundraising efforts that included gospel choir concerts, tours of historic cabins, a silent auction, and a 5th grade fundraiser at a local elementary school, the community rallied to raise $567,000 in grants, foundation and individual contributions to fulfill the community’s promise. In return, Great Peninsula Conservancy received and now enforces a conservation easement on the property that ensures the use of the this property as public open space forever.

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