Clear Creek Trail

Clear Creek Trail in Silverdale offers nearly seven miles of trail perfect for all levels of walking, jogging, and biking. This quiet urban oasis follows Clear Creek as it winds through meadows, wetlands, and forests. Leashed dogs are allowed on the path, or you can let them burn off some energy at the dog park.

Project History

With administrative support from Great Peninsula Conservancy, Clear Creek Task Force has been working with partners including Kitsap County and private land owners since 1993 to build the trail section by section, and protect the land it runs through. GPC owns six parcels totaling 11.41 acres that are part of the Clear Creek Trail, and has a joint management agreement with Kitsap County to help steward an additional 15 parcels with 107 acres along Clear Creek. These properties include wetland parcels in Clear Creek Valley, small riparian buffer properties behind large commercial buildings, and large forested hillside properties with ranging views.

Restoring the health of Clear Creek is a central goal of the Clear Creek Trail project. The creek was once a healthy salmon stream. But over time as it was surrounded by retail and commercial development, roads, and farms, its salmon habitat was greatly diminished. From 2013 to 2017 Kitsap County conducted an ambitious floodplain restoration project along Clear Creek. The award-winning restoration project created 500 feet of new stream channel, removed fish passage barriers, and restored close to 30 acres of floodplain and riparian habitat. The restoration of Clear Creek and its floodplain will help with salmon recovery, reduce the risk of flooding for downstream properties, and also makes for a more beautiful and natural experience for visitors.


Parking: https://www.clearcreektrail.org/map.

Project Partners

Kitsap County
Clear Creek Task Force