GPC-REI National Public Lands Stewardship Day

Great Peninsula Conservancy was excited to partner with REI again this year to host this National Public Lands Day Stewardship Event. This took place on the Peninsula’s new 3,500-acre piece of public land – Kitsap County’s Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park!  Great Peninsula Conservancy, REI, Kitsap County Parks, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, North Kitsap Trails Association, Kitsap Audubon Society, the Backcountry Horsemen, and a number of other dedicated community members all played a part in making the event happen.

Many community members came together to help maintain the Beaver Trail, which accesses the popular beaver pond viewing sites. In addition, we worked on developing a new section of trail and building a viewing platform atop the park’s ridge.  The platform offers views of Mount Rainier, as well as Cascade peaks, and is destined to become a popular destination in the heart of the park.

Thank you to the many incredible hard-working volunteers contributing to this successful event this past Saturday, September 29, 2018.

Tools ready to be used by eager volunteers. Photo Credit: Joanne Park
A future environmental scientist getting his hands dirty already! Photo Credit: Joanne Park
Amazing work by some extraordinary volunteers building this viewing platform for all to enjoy! Photo Credit: Marilyn DeRoy
Some hard workers working on the viewing platform. Photo Credit: Marilyn DeRoy
What a beautiful area that so many individuals contributed to preserving for future generations! Photo Credit: Joanne Park
Such a cute little helper! Photo Credit: Joanne Park
Clearing out an area right next to a beaver dam. Photo Credit: Joanne Park
The trails were looking beautiful with the help of passionate volunteers. Photo Credit: Joanne Park
One dedicated high school volunteer, Annie, spending her Saturday morning being an exemplary environmental steward! Photo Credit: Joanne Park
Group photo! We had a great turnout of volunteers. Photo Credit: Joanne Park

Our next Stewardship Day event will be October 27th, 2018 from 9am-12pm at Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park: Waterfront. If you missed this event, #OptOutside and make an impact at the next one! Continue Port Gamble Park stewardship work on the waterfront by planting native plants and constructing a kiosk and benches. Make sure you bring work boots and gloves. Lunch will be provided!

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