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Klingel Stewardship Series – Site Prep

January 8, 2022, 9:00 am - 11:00 am

Volunteer teams needed for GPC’s Klingel Stewardship Series! 

Is your organization interested to see a project from start to finish in a unique landscape? GPC would love to partner with you and your team at our Klingel-Bryan-Beard Wetland Wildlife Refuge in Belfair, WA for this Stewardship Series. This is a great opportunity to deepen your relationship with the landscape you love, and become part of the effort to protect your community’s most vital natural assets. Come get your hands dirty and protect the land you call home.

Join Great Peninsula Conservancy (GPC) in our Klingel Stewardship Series! Klingel-Bryan-Beard Wetland Wildlife Refuge hosts scenic and ecologically sensitive tidal saltmarsh and grassland habitats, home to a variety of animals such as juvenile salmon and great blue heron.  GPC’s stewardship work at Klingel will be accomplished in three steps: 1) preparing the site for planting, 2) planting 5,000 native shrubs and trees in January 2022, and 3) maintaining the site after plantingWe are looking for organizations to commit to a total of three volunteer days. With your help, GPC can restore native, climate-resilient species in this special shoreline habitat!

Through this partnership, you can expect GPC to provide:

  • Lots of opportunities for team bonding! 
  • Stewardship activities designed to connect your team to a beautiful landscape.
  • Information on the natural history, current restoration efforts in the area, and native plants.
  • GPC swag! 

Where: Klingel-Bryan-Beard Wetland Wildlife Refuge, 2091 NE Highway 300 Belfair, WA 98528


  1. Site Prep: Prepare the site for planting native trees and shrubs. (9 – 11am)
    • November 13
    • December 11
    • January 8
  1. Native Species Planting: Plant native trees and shrubs. (10am – 2pm)
    • January 21
    • January 22
    • January 28
    • January 29
  1. Site Maintenance: Maintain native plantings and planting site (9 – 11am)
    • March 12
    • April 9
    • May 14
    • June 11

For more information: Contact Hannah at hannahm@greatpeninsula.org or (360) 373-3500

Brought to you by: Great Peninsula Conservancy and Western Washington University

Funding: The Rose Foundation, Natural Resource Conservation Services (NRCS) Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), Western Washington University, One Tree Planted

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