Before & After: Restoration at Hahobas

GPC’s Hahobas Shoreline Preserve has had a facelift. The cabin that afforded former Boy Scout members a phenomenal waterside viewshed for over 60 years has been removed. Although the cabin is no longer, the shoreline view of the Olympic mountains remains remarkable. Come visit, take a seat at the picnic bench, and revel in the atmosphere of the red bluff. The former footprint of the cabin and road descending from NE North Shore road will be planted with native forest species.

The cabin served as a great resource for the Boy Scouts, but in recent years it was frequently broken into and was found to contain potentially hazardous materials.

In addition, thank you to all who volunteered with us at the Hahobas uplands cutting out a serious amount of scotch broom! The following photos do not do justice to the impact our amazing volunteers made. We are so thankful for the time and effort put into taking down this fierce, native plant competitor right before it went to seed. Now, we see hope for the recently planted douglas fir saplings to grow tall in this environment and create a balanced ecosystem. You can find more volunteer opportunities on our website.