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Playing on Indianola Beach.

The lands and waters of our region have sustained its inhabitants for millennia.

The Great Peninsula Conservancy believes that the region’s shorelines, streams, forests and open spaces are still critical to the health and well being of its people and communities.

As the area attracts more people and development, the region’s natural resources are under increasing pressure. The landscapes that sustained previous generations and drew many of us to this place are changing.

The region’s population is expected to nearly double by decade’s end – a growth trend that is expected to continue through the first quarter of this century.


  • Kitsap County’s growth will top out at over 300,000 residents by 2010. More than 32,000 new housing units will need to be constructed.
  • Mason County’s population is expected to reach 65,000 by 2010. That adds more than 7,500 new residences to the area.
  • West Pierce County’s inflating population will require nearly 10,000 more homes to be built by the end of the decade.


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