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Alders at Chico Creek

Alder grove in Chico Creek area.

A collaborative effort between Kitsap County, the Mountaineers Foundation and the Great Peninsula Conservancy is underway to protect 623 acres of the Chico Creek watershed. This is a crucial north-south corridor for wildlife, linking the state's forested lands around Gold and Green Mountains to wetlands and forests lying north of the watershed.

We need your help. Public funds for land acquisition such as this are limited. It is up to us who love open space and wild creatures to take the initiative. For the Chico Creek project alone. the Conservancy must raise $500,000. Your support will help us reach this goal.

For more information on this project, check out the stories on the press releases page or call us at the Conservancy office, 360-373-3500 or 1-866-373-3504. 

Click here to visit the Kitsap County website.




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