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County Kitsap
Date Acquired 2001
Acreage 139
Conservation Method Conservation Easement
Conservation Value




Address Corner of Banner Road and Olalla Valley Road.

Where We Work - Building Partnerships


Banner Forest
(Public land)

After learning of a pending deal to place 320 houses on half of Banner Forest, community members formed the Olalla Community Council in order mobilize an effort to halt this project. Hundreds of hours of meetings resulted in the success of the Council. Part of their success included partnering with Kitsap County to form the Banner Forest Stewardship Committee and the creation of a 20-year Management Plan for the forest.

In December of 2000, as part of the Management Plan, Kitsap County granted the Great Peninsula Conservancy a conservation easement on 139 acres of the forest. It protects a series of small wetlands and the forest surrounding them. Although Banner Forest itself is used for hiking, non-motorized biking and horseback riding; the Conservancy property is currently restricted to hiking.

It is easy to lose yourself in the solitude of the dense second-growth forest as miles of small trails meander throughout the 635 acres, offering an occasional glimpse of a black tailed deer or Douglas squirrel. Other animals that use the forest include black bear, cougar, coyote, possum, raccoon, weasel and mountain beaver, as well as many species of birds.

Aerial of Banner Forest showing conservation area

Directions to Banner Forest:

Take Highway 16 to Sedgwick Rd. and go east towards Southworth. Turn right onto Banner Road. Drive for about one mile and the forest is on the right side of the road.




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