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The Great Peninsula Conservancy is not an environmental advocacy organization. We are a 501(c) 3 nonprofit land trust governed by IRS regulations, some of which place strict limits on our ability to do lobbying and advocacy. Any such activity that we do undertake must be very closely aligned with our mission. For example, when the federal government considered undoing some of the tax laws that pertain to donations of conservation land, the land trust community as a whole took action and the Great Peninsula Conservancy participated in that effort.

In order to accomplish our mission we must work with individuals and entities on “both sides of the fence.” This requires that we maintain a non-partisan perspective. We need to build positive working relationships with environmentalists and conservationists, local governments and tribes, farmers, foresters, timber companies, real estate professionals, and developers. We collaborate with landowners across the political spectrum.

While there are limits on our ability to be activists as an organization, we can encourage individuals to become educated about issues and take action. We direct individuals to contacts with other groups and resources; and once educated about issues, we encourage individuals to take action by writing letters, making calls, attending meetings and hearings, and voting.

We hope that this web page will provide you with important resources and links so that you can be informed and involved in the issues that shape the long-term future of our community.


Bird nest on the Pinch Property.







Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program is a state grant program that provides funding for state and local parks, trails, wildlife habitat and working farms. Since its inception in 1980, the program has provided more than $450 million to projects in Washington, $24 million of which has come to Kitsap County, the most highly funded county in the state.

The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Coalition is seeking to double the funding for the Washington Wildlife and recreation grant program from $50 million to $100 million in the 2007-2009 state budget cycle. Requests for funds have increased 80% in recent years and the need for setting aside recreation areas and wildlife habitat has not decreased. As land prices continue to escalate, now is the time to invest in these special places that benefit us all, before they are gone forever. This is an investment in our future, the quality of life that we leave for our children and our grand children.

What can I do?
Click on the links to the right to learn more about this program and how it has benefited our region and to contact your legislators to ask them to support funding in the capitol budget for the WWRP program.


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