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Volunteer Opportunities

The Conservancy is seeking help for the following programs. If you are interested in Conservancy volunteer opportunities, contact Mary at the office (360) 373-3500 or

If you are interested in Clear Creek Interpretive Center volunteer opportunities, contact Clear Creek Task Force at



Conservancy Volunteer Opportunities





March 17




 10am - 1pm

Grovers Creek Preserve Stewardship Day

Join community volunteers & Puget Sound Energy to GO GREEN for St. Patrick's Day! Lend a helping hand to GPC's forest restoration efforts. We'll be clearning brush to maintain our access road to Grovers Creek Preserve, making upcoming forest restoration work possible!

When: March 17, 2018 10am - 1pm

Where: Grovers Creek Preserve in Kingston (Carpool from North Kitsap Heritage Park)

Bring: Water and loppers / pruners

Dress for weather, wear sturdy shoes and gloves.



Land Steward Training

Want to get a close-up look at one of gPC's protected properties? Join us for a fun training for new land stewards. Land stewards volulnteer one to two days per year to monitor a property. Be GPC's eyes on the ground!

RSVP: (360) 373-3500


Become a GPC Land Steward.  Experience the great outdoors and make a difference!  Contact Kate at (360) 373-3500 or


Please contact the office at (360) 373-3500 for other opportunities!

To learn about internship opportunities, click here.


Clear Creek Interpretive Center Volunteer Opportunities

Contact Clear Creek Task Force to volunteer,


Other Conservation Volunteer Opportunities

Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group - Interested in “hands on” volunteer work helping to restore the wild salmon of Hood Canal? Get your hands wet by helping with everything from salmon surveys to smolt trap installation. Check out Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group’s website for all kinds of volunteer opportunities.

EnviroCorps - Volunteering with EnviroCorps enables you to get some exercise, enhance parks and other natural areas accessible to the public, meet others who share your interests, enjoy the outdoors and spend valuable time with your children or grandchildren. To learn about EnviroCorps volunteer opportunities, visit the EnviroCorps website today!


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